• Myths and Legend Art Show by Angelique Lafreniere

    Hello all

    I have just updated my website to let you know about my art show at Fringe Gallery London, Ont. 1742 Hyde Park Road, London, ON N6G 5L7. 

    The show opens Feb/1 to Feb/28

    Opening Reception is Feb/9 from 6 pm to 8:30 pm

    All are welcome, I can't wait to see you all it has been a long time. 



  • Arta Gallery 


    Just wanted to let everyone know that I have 2 of my current artwork being shown at Arta Gallery 14 Distillery Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4 (416) 364-2782 http://www.artagallery.ca/exhibition/ 

    I just wanted to say thank you ladies for accepting my work, and it was a  pleasure to meet you. 

  • Summer Art Market Artist and Creative Market 

    Hi All 

    I just want to update that it was a very successful event at Summer Art Market Artist and Creative Market in London Ont. Even though there was a tornado warning for the area, I enjoyed myself very much and met a lot of new and talented artist and clients. If you like you can view some pictures of the event on my Facebook page and on Instagram account. 

    Just a note on the topic of meeting new people I did meet an elderly couple that did know my father back in the day, when he lived in Saskatchewan, Gravelbourg. Just want to give a, Une grande vague d'hello.

  • Morning walk and what we saw


    This morning my son and I were walking to the bus stop, the things we saw were unrideable. Besides the wonderful flowers, my son noticed a new type of mushrooms, they were gorgeous, the colours were soft and delicate. Second, my son found a birds egg, it was light brown with raw seian spots. Then on my way back, I started thinking how did my son find that egg. So I started looking around, inserted of my phone, and I saw at least 4 bird nets sitting on the ground. The nests ranged from sizes of a golf ball to as big and a soft ball. If you would like to see some of the images you can go to my Instagram or Facebook. 



  • Summer Art Market Artist and Creative Market 

    Fringe Custom Framing and Gallery are hosting a Summer Art Market 

    come out toe Fringe Custom Framing and Gallery 1742 Hyde Park Road, London on Saturday June 17 /2017


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